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Managing kids’ extracurriculars with your co-parent

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Child Custody |

Coordinating extracurricular activities for your children when you share custody can be complex. However, these groups also provide a stable routine and a positive, enriching experience for kids.

Effective communication and planning make it easier for co-parents to manage their kids’ hobbies, clubs and sports.

Start with open, clear communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful shared custody. Share information about your children’s extracurricular activities, schedules, and any special requirements to ensure both parents are well-informed and can make decisions collaboratively. Strive to speak openly and respectfully when you discuss parenting matters to forge a cooperative relationship.

Keep a shared calendar

Maintaining a shared digital schedule can be immensely helpful. Both parents can input important dates, practice times and events related to your children’s activities. This approach keeps everyone on the same page and minimizes scheduling conflicts.

Prioritize your children’s interests

While you and the other parent may have differing schedules and preferences, put your kids’ activities first when you can. Try to accommodate the sports and clubs they enjoy, even if you cannot realistically keep up with every single hobby.

Prepare to compromise

Shared custody often involves some level of flexibility and compromise. Willingness to make small adjustments to your schedule when necessary helps your children participate in extracurricular activities without disruption.

Discuss transportation arrangements

Have a clear plan for transportation to and from activities. Determine who will be responsible for drop-offs and pick-ups on specific days, as well as on weekends and school breaks.

Share costs fairly

Extracurricular activities often come with expenses. In one survey published by CNBC, more than half of parents said they would spend up to $499 on fall sports. Twenty percent planned to spend over $1,000 for the season. Discuss how you and the other parent will share costs, whether an equal split or a different arrangement based on your financial capabilities makes the most sense.

Maintain records

Documentation can be useful, especially if disputes or misunderstandings arise. Keep notes of communication, shared calendars and expenses related to your children’s activities.

Encourage independence

As your children grow, encourage them to take responsibility for their activities. Teach them to communicate their schedules, needs and preferences with both parents, promoting their independence and self-advocacy.

Consistency in routines provides stability for your children. Maintaining a consistent schedule for extracurricular activities and other interests can help children adjust to the shared custody arrangement.