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Helping You Receive Fair Child Support Terms

Pennsylvania has clear guidelines for child support payments. Nevertheless, conflicts about child support can be highly contentious. There is almost always a tension between the parent who is to receive child support on behalf of the child and the parent who is expected to pay toward that support.

At The Law Offices of Joseph A. Guillama, in Reading, Pennsylvania, we represent parents throughout Berks County and surrounding counties in child support disputes. Using state guidelines and accurate financial information, we help our clients obtain the amounts of child support that are both legally acceptable and as fair as possible to all concerned parties.

Guiding You Through The Pennsylvania Child Support Process

Attorney Joseph A. Guillama is a highly experienced family lawyer and advocate for children. He is familiar with the state’s child support process, how the child support formula is used to determine child support payments, and how to best advocate for his clients during child support conferences or hearings.

Factors that can influence the amount of child support you receive or pay include:

  • Number of children
  • Whether one parent has sole custody or if both parents share in the parenting of the child
  • Each parent’s income and assets
  • Debts, including student loans and fixed expenses
  • Amounts each parent spends on child-related expenses such as day care or health insurance
  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child according to the parties’ parenting plan or custody order

Child Support Modifications And Enforcement

It is not uncommon for a noncustodial parent to fail to pay a child support payment. When this happens, the recipient spouse can go to court to enforce this obligation. If you are a child support recipient, Joseph A. Guillama can help you pursue an enforcement action. If you are a payer, he can help you defend against such an action if it is unwarranted.

Likewise, Joseph A. Guillama can assist you with adjusting your child support if your financial situation has changed substantially such as if you lost your job or had your wages cut. Whatever your circumstances, Joe will be on your side negotiating with opposing counsel or aggressively advocating for you in court to obtain a fair and appropriate modification.

Get An Experienced Attorney By Your Side

Whether you need skilled representation in negotiations, litigation, modification or other related child support matter, The Law Offices of Joseph A. Guillama is here to help you and to protect your rights. For more information about your options for child support in Pennsylvania, contact our lawyer online or by calling 610-295-5335. Initial consultations are free and confidential. Se habla español!