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A Berks County Family Law Attorney Working For The Best Interests Of Kids

The best family law attorneys advocate for their clients while doing what is best for their children. The Law Offices of Joseph A. Guillama, in Reading, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to this idea.

Our founding attorney, Joseph A. Guillama, is more than a family law attorney. He is also an advocate for children. For the past 16 years, he has worked as a juvenile conflict attorney in Berks County Juvenile Court. Each week, local judges choose him to represent the interests of numerous children in juvenile delinquency cases. In this capacity, Attorney Guillama works hard to obtain positive outcomes for his young clients.

“In doing this job, I’ve learned a lot about family dynamics,” he said. “Many of my clients are children of divorce and separation. Because their parents often work full-time, or have problems in their lives, these kids don’t always have the supervision they need. These aren’t bad kids, not in the least. They are children who are in difficult circumstances, and who need our help.”

Joe’s advocacy of children is beneficial to his family law practice. “I know what these kids are going through, and what their families are going through. Through my family law practice, I work to create positive outcomes for everyone involved.”

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