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What is the purpose of a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Custody Plans |

In an effort to update child custody laws and how courts handle child custody to help ensure the focus remains on the children in a case, many states, including Pennsylvania, have begun using parenting plans.

A parenting plan is an agreement between the two parents on how they will manage child custody and visitation matters. In Pennsylvania, the court may order parents to create a parenting plan when they cannot agree on custody.

The legal requirements

Under the law, the judge will require both parents to create a parenting plan outlining the care and custody of the children. it must cover a schedule for the care of the children that includes all parenting time situations, such as holidays and vacations. It must explain where children will live and the transportation rules for exchanging the children.

Inclusions in the plan

In addition, the plan should also cover important points, such as the children’s diets, religious training and education plans. It should explain who is responsible for medical care and how the family will handle the children’s extracurricular activities. Essentially, the plan should leave no questions unanswered and cover every possible situation where the parents could have a disagreement.

Also, the plan needs to provide an outline for how to handle issues, and the process for changing the plan or making alterations, including temporary changes. It should explain contact details for each parent and how the children will be able to contact them.

When the court orders plan creation, the judge will then consider both plans and make specific orders, which could include additions or changes. The court’s goal is a final plan that allows each party to have input while ensuring it is the best possible situation for the children.