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Collaborative divorce can reduce stress for you and your family

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce can be highly stressful for you, your spouse and your children, especially if the circumstances surrounding your split are contentious. In all likelihood, though, neither you nor your spouse wish for a prolonged or stressful series of events and can instead benefit from undergoing a collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce differs from mediation in that both sides advocate for their own interests with help from their respective legal teams rather than receiving guidance from a single impartial mediator. This method of handling a divorce not only ensures that both sides get the best chance at a favorable outcome but also serves to reduce stress for the entire family involved.

Collaborative divorce minimizes conflict

Collaborative divorce, by definition, entails that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will collaborate to arrive at a fair outcome for both parties. This amicable process occurs outside of court but still implies the presence of legal counsel on both sides that can help by providing guidance and ensuring that proceedings are productive. The atmosphere of collaborative divorce is one of objectivity and efficiency, minimizing the chance of conflict so long as all parties remain on the same page.

Collaborative divorce is better for the children

A divorce in which two parents are fighting and slinging negative comments toward one another is sure to have a grievous impact on the children caught in the middle. By committing to a low-conflict collaborative divorce instead, you guarantee that your children will instead have minimal exposure to stress-inducing conversations and see you handling matters respectfully.

Divorce often stems from a realization that two people are not happy with one another, but this does not mean that each individual should try to harm the other. Collaborative divorce makes it possible to treat your spouse with respect and maintain a mature relationship even after the split.