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Divorce and residency requirements

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Divorce |

Whether you have concerns about your children, marital property or other ways divorce could impact your life, ending your marriage could necessitate careful consideration of various issues. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the different requirements associated with getting a divorce in Pennsylvania. For example, you should review residency requirements.

Whether you plan on moving to another state or have not lived in Pennsylvania for very long, it is crucial to understand how residency could affect your ability to move ahead with a divorce petition.

Residency requirements for getting divorced

The Pennsylvania General Assembly says that if you want to file for a divorce in this state, you or your marital partner must have lived in Pennsylvania for no less than six months before the filing of a divorce petition. If you and your spouse have not lived in Pennsylvania for the last six months, you will have to wait before you can move forward with a divorce in this state.

Other residency issues to consider regarding divorce

Aside from your ability to file for divorce, there are other issues you should consider with respect to residency. If you have kids, you should take a close look at parental relocation laws if you plan on moving at a later point. Moreover, you should take residency into consideration if you expect to deal with child custody or visitation issues.

Moving could provide you with a fresh start after getting out of a dysfunctional relationship, but it is crucial to go over residency requirements and other divorce-related topics beforehand.