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What to expect during a Pennsylvania adoption home study

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Adoptions |

Before you may move forward with adopting a child in Pennsylvania, you must complete an adoptive family profile, which some call a “home study.” During the home study, an adoption agency worker takes at least one trip to your home with two main goals in mind. First, the agency worker wants to get a sense of your home and make sure it is a safe and appropriate environment for an adoptive child. Second, the worker wants to make sure you understand what the adoption entails and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the process.

According to the Pennsylvania Statewide and Adoption Permanency Network, it may benefit you to know the following ahead of your adoption home study.

Questions the agency worker might ask

During the home study, expect the agency worker conducting it to ask questions about your home environment, family and lifestyle. He or she may ask about your marriage and how stable it is. He or she may also inquire about how your family handles disagreements that arise or how each member of the family feels about bringing a new child into the fold. The worker conducting your home study may also inquire about what support you might have if you become sick or otherwise need someone to step in and provide temporary care for your child.

Questions you might ask the agency worker

During the home study, you also have a chance to ask questions. You may want to take this opportunity to ask about costs involved in adopting, whether there are post-adoption support services available and so on.

If the home study goes well and you wish to move forward with adoption, the child must remain in your home for at least six months before the adoption becomes final.