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How can you co-parent in the best interests of your children?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Child Custody |

Like most parents, you may choose to co-parent for the health and stability of your children. Children with two stable parents who work together tend to adjust better to the divorce than others.

When you and your spouse split, you remain a team for your children, explains Oprah Daily. If you find it challenging to be a good co-parent, you may need to step back and think about your priorities.

Put aside your pain for your children

Try to heal from your divorce before working with your former spouse. Sometimes, changing your mindset can help you interact with your ex. For example, do not look at your marriage as a failure but a relationship that ended. Consider your former relationship a complete one, not one with loss.

While structure and stability matter, you want to show yourself as a flexible and forgiving presence. For instance, if your ex has a family reunion on your weekend, you may wish to trade visitation so your kids can visit with family. Likewise, if your spouse has an emergency and cannot show up to pick up the children, you may want to reschedule. Do not automatically say no if you can reach an easy compromise.

Keep the communication open

Sometimes disagreements may happen between you and your ex. While you do not want to argue with your children, you want to work through differences. In some instances, if your children see you work through a problem with your ex, they may learn to handle arguments amicably. Try to meet with your ex in neutral places to discuss your children.

When co-parenting, you need to remain amicable, especially in front of your children.