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4 reasons why couples divorce in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Divorce |

Making the decision to divorce is tough for many people. A part of you may still want to try saving the marriage. While putting effort into solving relationship problems is important, there comes a point at which you must step away for your own well-being. Common reasons for divorce in Pennsylvania include lack of compatibility, infidelity, abuse, and drug addiction.

1. Lack of compatibility

When you have different beliefs and values than your spouse, it often leads to a lot of conflicts. You either find yourself arguing often or feeling unhappy in the relationship. Perhaps, there’s a flaw in your spouse that you just can’t cope with, and they are unwilling to change. In these situations, a divorce is inevitable for the sake of your happiness.

2. Infidelity

Cheating breaks the trust in a relationship, often beyond repair. Even if someone may want to trust again, they might find through trying that they can’t. Infidelity is the reason behind around 20–40% of divorces in the US.

3. Abuse

Abuse isn’t always an issue that occurs between the couple themselves. Some cases of divorce are because a family member was the abuser. There are different types of abuse. Physical is the most well-known, but there is also financial and emotional abuse.

If a married couple is willing to learn about abuse and put an end to it, they could save their marriage if a family member is an abuser. It’s less likely for an abuser in the marriage to change. Many victims stay too long in a relationship, hoping their spouse will stop abusing them. Abusers require psychotherapy and a genuine desire to get better in order to stop.

4. Drug addiction

Like abuse, drug addiction is a problem that you’re unlikely to overcome while staying in the relationship. An addict needs to go through psychotherapy in order to overcome the addiction. They also need to want change for themselves. It’s unlikely for therapy to change an unwilling person. Being in a marriage with someone who has an addiction is not only draining but also potentially dangerous. Some addicts become abusive, get into trouble with the law, cheat and become both physically and emotionally unavailable to their spouses.

The inability to overcome a problem is the reason behind divorce regardless of the specific type of issue a couple is facing. Remember that marriages take two people not one to make them work. It’s okay to file for divorce for your well-being.