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Adjusting parenting time to reflect the new normal

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Firm News |

There’s no doubt these are challenging times for all of us. Divorced and separated parents have to face the additional struggles that our new normal can have on their parenting time. Changes in schools and work schedules can be challenging. You may need to seek a modification to your custody agreement to help ensure your child can still maintain a relationship with both parents.

Modifying custody plans

The law is not entirely inflexible. It allows parents to modify custody plans to help address changed circumstances. Usually, modifications are made if a parent’s job schedule changes significantly, or they wish to relocate. No one expected a pandemic to upend their lives, but here we are.

It’s important for parents to reach a mutual agreement when it comes to custody modifications. Relitigating past grievances will only create additional stress for your children. When things have settled down again, you can revisit your plan and possibly change things back to the way they were.

Finding an arrangement that works for everyone

The pandemic has had more of an impact on some people than others. Some people may be putting in additional hours at their workplace. Others may now be working from home on what is likely to be a semi-permanent basis. Some children may be attending classes in person, while others may be having a virtual learning experience. In any case, these changes will probably change parental roles. A parent working from home with a child who is learning from home may be saddled with additional responsibilities. You will need to acknowledge this reality when you’re discussing changes to your agreement.

Remember, you want to do what is best for your child. This is not always easy and can lead to disagreements. You may wish to work with a legal professional who can help you through this process and find a way forward that is best for everyone.