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To take care of your children, you must take care of yourself

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Young children are very impressionable. They see what you do and hear what you say. When a couple fights and argues, the kids are likely in hearing distance. Even if you are trying to shield your children from you and your partner’s spats, it is nearly impossible to shield every argument.

As a parent, there is one thing you must shy away from even if you despise your ex; you must not badmouth your ex-partner to your children. Allow children to gather their own opinions. Some children are quieter, and others are more vocal, but all will come around to ask questions and speak their minds eventually. Shaming your future ex-spouse to or around your children will only demonize them and force them to choose in a child’s mind. They may even side with the other parent.

Focus on yourself and the children

To help your children cope with divorce properly, you must find ways to manage and heal your physical and emotional well-being. Divorce is a major disturbance, but there are things you can do to combat the associated stress and anxiety. 

First, begin enacting a healthier lifestyle through your diet and regular exercise, which is scientifically proven to positively impact our mental and physical health.

Second, seek out a confidant that you trust and one that will allow you to relieve your frustrations without shame. When we go through a traumatic incident like a divorce, it can be tough to find a safe outlet to unburden ourselves. A close friend, family member, or therapist can all be good options, but be picky in who you choose and be sure not to select someone related to or close with your ex.

Lastly, find a hobby you enjoy that allows you to relieve your stress or channel it. This hobby could be yoga, boxing, general exercise, painting, writing, reading, pottery, sewing, or any other activity you find freeing.