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Can I Make My Spouse Attend Marital Counseling With Me Even Though One Of Us Has Filed For Divorce?

Marital Counseling

It is important to understand that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has made a clear determination that the Commonwealth wants individuals to remain married and for these marriages to remain intact.

Specifically, 23 Pa.C.S.A. Section 3102 states “The family is the basic unit in society and the protection and preservation of the family are of paramount public concern.”

With this being the policy of the Commonwealth, the law has also made it clear that when an individual files for divorce against his or her spouse, both spouses have the right to ask the Court to order the spouses to attend marital counseling.

23 Pa.C.S.A. Section 3302 is entitled “Counseling” and states “The Court shall require up to a maximum of three counseling sessions whether either party requests marital counseling.”

Accordingly, if you are going through a divorce in Berks County, and regardless of whether you are the one who filed for divorce or you are the one whose spouse has filed for divorce against you, and should you wish to pursue marital counseling, contact Berks County Divorce Attorney Joseph A. Guillama to discuss your options.