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Why do some families adopt an adult?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Adoptions |

Many people believe adoption is only to bring young children into a family. However, state law also permits you to adopt an adult. If you know an adult that you want to adopt as a son or daughter, take heart that you likely have a good reason for doing so.

WebMD explains several reasons why families choose to pursue the adoption of a legal adult and how it can be of benefit for the adult and the family.

It is more convenient to adopt

You probably have wanted to adopt a child for years, but various complications would not allow it. Some families cannot adopt because they fail a home study or the biological parents do not approve the adoption. Once the child becomes a legal adult, many adoption restrictions lapse. This allows you to create your familial relationship.

Helping a disabled adult

Some families have a stepchild, a family member or even a young friend who has a disability that does not allow him or her to be self-sufficient in adulthood. Establishing a legal familial relationship means you can help care for the adult and provide an inheritance for the adult after you die.

Reconnecting with a biological child

There are parents who give up their children for adoption only to reconnect with their biological children later on. As an adult, someone may want to rejoin his or her biological family through adoption.

It is important to be aware of any restrictions on adult adoption before proceeding, as some adults are not eligible for adoption due to some criminal convictions or certain familial relationships. Still, you may find adopting an adult you care about is very possible for you.