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Parallel parenting can alleviate tension between you and your co-parent

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Custody Plans |

Your family has to go through an extensive transitional period following a divorce. In some cases, marriages end with bitter feelings, resentment and anger toward one another. To make matters more complicated, you must remain in your ex’s life when you have children. The two of you must learn to raise the kids together while divorced.

According to WebMD, parallel parenting may be the ideal way to share custody if you have difficulty maintaining a civil relationship.

How parallel parenting works

Parallel parenting works by creating a parenting plan in advance that covers custody arrangements, visitation and child support. The parenting plan may even note how to deal with disputes and arguments. Unlike co-parenting, you try to have as few conversations as possible.

Some parents use a book to communicate important appointments, milestones or behavioral issues. The book would travel with the kids from house to house.

How parallel parenting can alleviate stress

When you have regular face-to-face meetings with your ex, it is easier for fights to occur. You might find yourself thinking about the negativity between the two of you when you should focus on your kids. Since parallel parenting restricts the contact between you and your former spouse, you have fewer reasons to fight each other.

Speaking through text can also help minimize the tension. You have more time to think about your responses and to plan what you need to say to reduce the risk of an argument. In person, it may be more tempting to act impulsively.

Children benefit from parents that can get along with one another. Parallel parenting can show children you can still work together.