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Can joint custody help children of divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Child Custody, Custody Plans, Divorce |

Going through a divorce can sometimes prove to be a traumatic experience for everyone involved. This includes the children of divorce, who have to shoulder the difference coming to their entire family structure.

There are ways parents can help a child through these difficult times, however. Choosing a well-suited method of child custody serves as one potential way to do so.

Joint custody alleviates fears

The American Psychological Association takes a look at the impact of divorce on children. The primary fear of children of divorce often centers on worry about change, how different the future may look, and a loss of support from one or both parents.

Joint custody helps solve many of these issues, or at least ease immediate fears about them. For example, even though joint custody mostly refers to joint legal custody rather than physical custody, it allows both parents to have equitable access to their child’s time. Children do not have to worry about “never seeing one parent again”, a fear many hold.

The support joint custody provides

Having dual support goes a long way emotionally, as well as financially. A child’s home life will likely not change much with both parents still providing financial support, which is another way to maintain the stability they desire.

Studies show that the support provided by joint custody can actually reduce occurrences of anxiety and depression that many children of divorce face. Compared to children in sole custody situations, they also exhibit fewer trauma- and stress-based disorders, too.

Thus, parents who can make joint custody work should consider it a viable, helpful option that may aid their child in big ways.