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Get your parenting plan ready for summer

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Custody Plans |

During the school year, you and your ex-spouse may have a parenting plan that works for the whole family. However, it may be necessary to alter your plan for summer vacation.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly says that a good parenting plan should include clear details about summer vacations. You should consider where the kids will spend the Fourth of July and how you will coordinate summer road trips. However, you should also think about how you will handle special activities, such as day camps.

Make plans early

Divorce magazine says that you should speak to your ex-spouse about the summer schedule well in advance. You both may plan to take a vacation with the children. Early communication can help you coordinate these trips.

Additionally, you could ask your children what they want to do during the summer. Some may want to attend camps, while teenagers could plan to work part-time. The more you communicate about everyone’s plans, the more likely it is that you can create a summer schedule that suits everyone

Talk about expenses

Your children could need more from you financially during the summer. They may have outgrown their sandals and swimsuit. Additionally, they may need special gear to participate in summer sports. You will have to pay the fees for summer camp, as well as purchase any necessary equipment. You and your ex-spouse may want to decide how you will divide expenses before you make these purchases.

Discuss the babysitter

You may need to hire child care if both you and your former spouse work during the day. Before hiring someone, speak to your ex-spouse about your requirements. Consider the following factors:

  • Does a babysitter need certain credentials?
  • Should you both interview your final candidates?
  • How will you divide child care expenses?

Working out these details early can help ensure that both of you are happy with the care that your children receive.

Planning for the summer may take some work but it can help this season go more smoothly for everyone.