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How can you reduce childhood stress during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Divorce |

Many parents worry about the impact divorce will have on their children. You cannot avoid affecting your children, but you may be able to make it easier on them by working together.

According to CNN, your children identify with both parents. When you talk about your former spouse, they may internalize any negativity. To help your child cope with the divorce healthily, you and your ex should work together.

Model mature behavior

During a divorce, you may have difficulty maturely reacting to your ex. It is better to divorce than stay together and argue; however, you do not want to show them an unhealthy breakup. Show them that parents can divorce without ugly fighting and still act courteous and professional for their kids. Let them know that the two of you can still attend games, celebrations and plays peacefully.

Open up conversation

Your children need to know about future changes, but they also need reassurance that some things will stay the same. Try not to center the conversation on everything that has to change. The changes become overwhelming and challenging to process. Instead, highlight that your feelings remain the same, talk about aspects of their routine that will also stay the same.

Be willing to talk with your children. Kids may have a range of emotions, but you can help them find healthy ways to cope with it if you open yourself up to speak with them. Children may have different questions over time. Do not expect all children to have questions right away or accept the divorce immediately. All kids react in their own time.