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How can collaborative divorce help protect your children?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Divorce |

When most people think of divorce, they may picture long hours arguing in court in front of their children or loud fights about childcare.

However, collaborative divorce is often a peaceful and respectful process that allows you to center the needs of your children while also helping you write a parenting plan.

Focuses on working together

According to Psychology Today, there is more emphasis on working together in a collaborative approach. Instead of aggressively discussing topics in a legal setting, you can take time to talk about your needs with a neutral third party present.

The ability to pick your own settlement terms can help you both to come to a unique solution to childcare problems that you could not get in court.

Keeps arguments to a minimum

It can be frightening for a child to see his or her parents argue or debate where he or she should live. In collaborative divorces, all discussions are private and not publicized in an official record. This can also cut down on the amount of time you and your ex-spouse need to officially divorce.

This process can shield your children from more negative emotions or reactions. The ability to have a parenting plan in place as quickly as possible can also help your children quickly adjust to their new daily lives.

Helps set an example

Being able to control the schedule and talk until you resolve all divorce-related issues can help you both feel more positive about the process. Your children seeing you working respectfully together can help reassure them that you are still going to be a team even after the divorce.

There are many benefits to choosing collaborative divorce if you worry about your children’s well-being.