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What to do before you begin mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Divorce |

If you are a Pennsylvania resident starting the divorce mediation process, you should remember that preparation might help you achieve success. Before you walk into the session, you will want to address finances, emotions and legal issues.

Get financially prepared

Before your first mediation session, you should organize the information and documents that you will need during your negotiation. You will want to have all information related to assets and debts as well as supporting documentation. The information you should gather and organize should include:

• Bank and investment accounts
• Real estate and vehicle titles
• Retirement accounts
• Mortgage information
• Student loans, personal loans, and vehicle loans
• Any other financial assets or debts and their corresponding documentation

Part of your financial preparation might also include making a realistic budget for life post-divorce. This will give you a sense of what you need to support yourself and what you might wish to negotiate during mediation.

Get legally prepared

You should learn about your rights and duties as well as about the state laws when it comes to the end of your marriage before you enter mediation. You might also consider speaking with a family law attorney who can advise you during the mediation process. And before the mediation starts, you also will want to plan out what you are concerned about and what your wishes are for the different aspects related to the divorce.

Get emotionally prepared

Whether the divorce is mostly amicable or contentious, by choosing mediation, you and your spouse have chosen to work together to settle your differences. However, some bitter or negative feelings might still be present, and these can get in the way of a successful mediation session. Work to put those feelings aside, at least while you negotiate the details of your divorce with your spouse during your mediation session.