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Telling your children that you are divorcing

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Divorce |

For Pennsylvania parents heading toward divorce, there are many difficult issues to sort through. While financial considerations frequently come to the forefront, emotional challenges can be even harder to address. This is especially true with respect to their children. It is important to think about the case from every possible perspective to be fully prepared.

Key points in telling children about the divorce

Simply telling the children about the divorce is understandably worrisome. Adhering to fundamentals can be helpful. If feasible, the parents should join forces and prepare what they will say on a day where the children can be the focus. There might be an irresistible temptation to allocate blame. Casting fault on the other parent can place the kids in the middle, forcing them to take a side. Even if the parents’ relationship is acrimonious, being on the same page regarding the kids is crucial.

Giving a basic explanation as to why the divorce is taking place and how the kids’ lives will change is imperative. It is not necessary to be overly detailed, but the broad strokes as to why it is better that they part ways and how the children will be impacted can make the situation easier. When there is a new living arrangement with one parent leaving the marital home, it obviously involves the children. Telling them which parent is leaving and where the children will live can ease their minds about these matters. Children will generally have questions about the divorce. Answering them can provide reassurance and give them a sense of involvement.

Keeping the children in mind is critical in a divorce

Parents should think about their children when getting a divorce. There is no set of rules for informing children about a divorce. Still, following this advice might smooth the process to give them the tools to cope with the new circumstances.