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How can you protect your digital accounts during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Divorce |

If you and your spouse have decided your marriage is no longer worth saving, myriad emotions may run high. Unfortunately, your Pennsylvania divorce may not be simple as a result. However, you have to be rational about things and protect your digital accounts.

List all of your shared accounts

First, you will want to jot down a list of all accounts shared between you and your spouse. As you go through the divorce, you will want to make sure you no longer share these digital accounts. They might range from streaming services to your Wi-Fi network to your bank or credit card PINs and logins.

This is imperative as you will want to start changing the passwords for all of those accounts.

Adjust your streaming services

All of your streaming services will have to get new passwords even before your divorce decree has been issued. If you’ve split, it means your digital accounts should also be separated. You might want to not only change your passwords but also remove your ex’s profile from those accounts.

Change settings on social media photos or delete photos

You can change the settings on photos albums on your social media pages so that only you can see them. As an alternative, you can archive certain photos. If you prefer, you can delete photos that show your ex, but this is often more time-consuming.

Change other social media settings

If your divorce has been bitter, you might want to cut ties with your ex on social media altogether. You can either unfriend or block them or simply ignore them if you don’t want to cut them off completely. If you are still connected via Messenger, you can mute them or choose to ignore them until you decide when you want to stop ignoring them.

Divorces can get messy, but that doesn’t mean your digital accounts have to be as well.