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Is there such a thing as “winning” your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2020 | Divorce |

If there is one term that should be struck out of your divorce vocabulary, it’s the word “win.” A divorce is difficult, and the thing that will make it take longer and cost more is trying to win it.

What a “win” is will be defined differently by whoever is going through a divorce, but one thing is true: A divorce should not be about winning at the expense of the other party. Instead, it should be about negotiating and coming up with a solution that is reasonable and in each person’s best interests.

Being set on a win can hurt your divorce

When you think of winning something, it’s usually because you see it as a challenge. You might think of this divorce as something you want to win as a way of getting back at your spouse for deciding to leave or causing the end of your marriage in another way. Instead of approaching your divorce that way, consider seeing a “win” as being able to get through your divorce with respect and a positive outcome that both of you can be happy with.

Although people often have hurt feelings that influence them during a divorce, it’s important to try to be reasonable and respectful. You’ll find that you’re better served by negotiating and knowing what you need versus trying to take everything from your spouse without restriction.

If you are ready to negotiate and want to find the best way to come out of your divorce with a positive outlook on the future, then your attorney is there to help. They can assist you in making decisions to help your divorce move forward.