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Study: Children of divorce adapt very well

| May 21, 2020 | Divorce |

As a parent planning a divorce, you have likely spent time worrying about the impact it will to have on your children. You want them to have a “normal” life and you’re afraid that the divorce could affect their development both now and in the future. In short, you’re wondering what the divorce means for them, as well as for you.

That is a good mindset to have. However, you should know that an “avalanche of studies” have shown that the vast majority of children who have divorced parents do adapt very well to it. They do not see lasting issues regarding:

  • Social adjustment
  • Academic performance
  • Mental health

That doesn’t mean there is no impact at all. During the divorce, life can get fairly chaotic. Children may miss school. They may have to adjust to a new schedule or living situation. You could see a short term impact, such as a child coming come with Cs and Bs when they usually get As.

But the studies suggest that this isn’t likely to be a lasting change. Your decision to divorce won’t permanently alter your child. As long as you keep focused on their best interests, you can help them adjust. The change in grades — or whatever area you see it in — just happens because going through the divorce requires an adjustment period. After that, kids bounce back very well and live happy, healthy lives.

It is good that you care about your children and you want what is best for them. Still, don’t stress out about this too much. Just take the time to look into your legal options to help them moving forward.