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Divorce isn’t about winning — it’s about the children

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | Divorce |

People sometimes think that they need to “win” the divorce. This mindset can make them act emotionally and go out of their way to feel like they came out better than their ex. It’s competitive, and it’s a problem for parents.

The problem is that the divorce needs to be about the children. There is a reason that modern courts notoriously focus on your children’s best interests. They want to make sure that things work out as well as possible for these young people who need protection and who had no say in whether or not their parents decided to split up.

How can you adopt this mindset? Here are a few ideas:

  • Instead of trying to get more custody time than your ex, think about how you can split time up evenly and develop a plan that makes life easier for the children.
  • Instead of thinking only about your own assets, think about the children, their belongings and their home life.
  • Instead of trying to do what you can to make yourself feel better than your ex, put the past in the past. Don’t try to get even. Don’t act out of anger. Calmly and rationally think about how the split is going to impact the children and what you can do to make life great for them. You both love them, after all, and you can even work together toward this goal.

With help from their parents, children can get through divorce successfully and have incredible lives. Make sure you understand what steps you can take to seek this outcome.