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When To Hire A Collaborative Divorce Attorney In Pennsylvania

A collaborative divorce in Tennessee is an efficient way for couples to end their marriage and have a say in the outcome.

People choosing to end their marriage have a number of options for how to move forward. The right avenue largely depends on the circumstances of the couple. For example, a couple married only a short time without kids or joint property could benefit from an uncontested divorce.

Often, the end of a marriage presents a more complicated situation. Topics such as child custody and property division arise. However, just because there are more factors involved does not mean the process must be contentious. Alternative dispute resolution tactics, like collaborative divorce, are effective in a number of ways. Couples should have an understanding of the process before jumping in.

Defining collaborative divorce

In short, a collaborative divorce requires both parties to work together to find a resolution for all the issues that the split presents. The goal is to minimize the stress that a courtroom setting creates as well as reduce the time and resources put into the divorce. With that in mind, the parties have to sign an agreement not to go to court. Both spouses and their attorneys negotiate a settlement agreement based on an honest disclosure of finances and discussion of other matters.

One of the benefits of a collaborative divorce is that it incorporates other professionals who help the couple reach a resolution. According to a survey from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, in 43 percent of cases that go through collaborative divorce, this “team” model is used. For example, a real estate appraiser will value a house and a financial professional oversees the division of assets.

Other benefits of a collaborative divorce include the following:

  • Parties meet in an informal setting.
  • Each spouse has a say in the final outcome.
  • The spouses have the chance to determine how post-divorce disputes will be addressed.

Most importantly, working with a collaborative divorce attorney means people going through a divorce have an advocate on their side.

Deciding if it is the right way to go

Collaborative divorce is a great option for people who are willing to work together. Even situations in which spouses do not get along well may be remedied through the collaborative process because a certified mediator may be brought in to ease the tension.

However, anyone entering into the process should be aware that it requires compromise. In situations in which parties cannot reach an agreement, they will have to hire new attorneys and start the process over.

The most important part of a collaborative divorce is working with the right lawyer. Anyone who has questions about this topic should speak with a family law attorney in Tennessee.