Reading, Pennsylvania, And Berks County Family Law Attorney

At The Law Offices of Joseph A. Guillama, in Reading, Pennsylvania, we handle a variety of legal issues relating to the family.

Our founding lawyer has nearly 15 years of experience practicing in Berks County courts and he understands the legal and practical realities of his clients' circumstances. He is committed to your success.

Situations in which we assist clients include:

  • Divorce. If you are considering divorce, we can discuss your options to pursue a divorce trial or settlement. We vigorously pursue our clients' goals through litigation and, when possible, negotiation. We have experience in uncontested and complex divorce proceedings.
  • Property division. We can help you obtain an equitable division of property and debts acquired during your marriage. We have helped many clients resolve conflicts over business assets, retirement accounts, investment accounts and debt allocation.
  • Child custody. We care about our clients and we care about their children. We can help you obtain the level of child custody you need while advising you on the creation of a workable and beneficial parenting plan.
  • Grandparents' rights. If a hostile parent is refusing to let you see your grandchildren, you may have options for legally obtaining custody or visitation. We also represent parents who, for appropriate reasons, wish to exercise their right to determine who spends time with their children and who does not. Consult with us about grandparents' rights and how we best address them.
  • Child support. Whether you are a payer or a recipient, we can ensure your child receives fair child support based on the realities of your parenting schedule and finances.
  • Alimony. Whether you were married for three years or 30 years, we can help you pursue alimony that is appropriate to your needs and circumstances.
  • Adoption. If you wish to adopt a child, we can guide you through the adoption process. We assist clients in adopting stepchildren, grandchildren and in completing the paperwork for agency adoptions.
  • Modifications. If your personal or financial circumstances have changed substantially since your initial order for support was entered, we can help you by petitioning for a modification of that order to reflect your change in circumstances.
    Paternity. The law governing the establishment of and/or challenging paternity of a child is not a simple process. Attorney Guillama understands the nuances of this area of the law and is able to assist clients where paternity of a child is at issue.
  • Marital agreements. We draft, review and defend prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and separation agreements that set parameters for the marriage and can determine how certain financial and child care issues are handled in the event of divorce.
  • PFAs. If someone in your life is abusing you or threatening you with harm, an order of protection can provide you with the distance you need to get safe. We help clients obtain orders for protection from abuse as well as defend against situations where our opponents seek to obtain PFAs against our clients for illegitimate reasons.

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