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Best divorce lawyer ever!!!

Posted by Christopher, a divorce client

I would highly recommend Joe to anyone. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and very friendly to myself. I will admit I did hire a woman because I thought I needed her to make the situation look good in my divorce. However, that theory is not true. She did absolutely nothing for me. The day I hired Joe after firing the other one I just knew it was the best decision and Joe proved it each and every time he return my phone calls and/or emails and in the court room when push came to shove. As I said before I highly recommend Joe for anybody man or woman. Joe is fair, honest, trustworthy and helped me get to see my kids on a regular basis not just one time a week for six hours like my previous lawyer. I will forever be indebted to Joe and his office staff for the wonderful job that they all did.

The Lawyer That Cares

Posted by Staci, a child custody client

Joseph is an experienced professional with the knowledge, attitude and persistence necessary to be a great lawyer. He always kept me informed every step of the way. He handled the case with precision and care, always letting me know what would come next. With all the ins and outs of my complicated situation, he kept very organized and always up to date on my case. He always had a good attitude and I felt he provided me the attention and understanding I deserved. I highly recommend Joseph Guillama for legal services.

Best Lawyer in Berks County!!!

Posted by Elizabeth, a family law client

My husband and I hired Joe to represent us on a custody case. I had previously worked with another lawyer who I felt was not what I was looking for. I wanted someone who understood me and what this case meant to me. I got on the computer and researched and researched until I found Joe. From the first time I spoke to Joe, I knew he was the right Attorney, he explained everything to me step by step.

I felt that he understood the emotional side of my case. In my particular case, my daughter's grandmother would not return my daughter back to me. As any mother can imagine, I was devastated. I could not sleep, eat. The stress was so bad. Joe is not only your lawyer, he is your friend. He will answer any emails promptly and will re- assure that he will do anything that is possible within his power to help you.

Anyone who wants a respected lawyer by their side should have Joe Guillama as their attorney, he is well respected in the court room by all, specially the judge. I would truly say that he is the best Attorney in Berks County!! You want to win, you have to have Joe with you, I will never forget the way this man represent me in court, I felt like he put 110% out there for me and my family! Thank you Joe, because you have changed my life, I know have my daughter living with me. Not only do I have my daughter but I have soul custody of her. Do not take your chances. I also read this reviews, when a client takes time to write a review, its for a reason. So again, do not take your chances. HIRE THE RIGHT LAWYER, ATTORNEY GUILLAMA IS THE 1!!!!!

Very Professional, Caring And Organized!

Posted by Ana, a divorce client

I had the privilege to have Joe Guillama represent me for my child custody and divorce case. I feel Joe is the most professional, caring, well prepared, organized and trustworthy lawyer I have come across. From the very beginning, he listened well to all my concerns.

Attorney Joe always provided me thorough information and prepared me well before any hearings, which were many for my difficult divorce case. He represented me in ways that surpassed my expectations. Whenever I had a hearing, the master and the judge were really focused on his detailed presentation, and showed great rapport and respect for him.

I believe Joe is a great lawyer and invests a lot of time on his clients. I would definitely recommend Joe to anyone with their custody and divorce case.

Best Decision Of My Life

Posted by Cherise, a child custody client

Choosing Attorney Guillama was the best decision I could have made. Unlike other attorneys who made me feel discouraged and overwhelmed with fear, he took the time to break down everything and explain the legal processes in a simple matter.

Attorney Guillama is truly compassionate for his clients and will fight for you every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and will help his clients through even the messiest of situations. I am so thankful for all of his help, experience, knowledge, and faith in me as a client.

Attorney Guillama was the best investment I have made in a long time for myself and my family. I would recommend him to anyone going through family matters in the courts.

Honest, Hard-Working And Trustworthy

Posted by Valerie, a child custody client

Hiring Joe was the best decision we could have made. Our case was very unusual; grandmother and aunt filing for custody after raising the child the first six years of life, then was snatched away by the mother.

Being OCD and overzealous, I spent most nights gathering any and all information I could to help our case. Joe was ever gracious with the loads of information given to him, and never once told us to stop. Along with all the information we gave him, Joe did his own investigations thoroughly as well, and always followed up calls and emails promptly.

Knowing we didn't have endless funds, Joe helped us spend every lawyer dollar well, and never made us go extra steps to gain an extra dollar. He came to court overprepared every time, and spent countless hours preparing us for trial.

After having a bad taste in our mouths from a previous lawyer, Joe turned things around quickly, making us grateful to have him on our side fighting our fight with us. Thank you, Joe! All you have done and continue to do is greatly appreciated!

Worth Every Penny And Then Some!

Posted by Kelly, a child support client

Mr. Guillama is the best lawyer in Pennsylvania! He is compassionate, hard-working, and believes in his clients. I believe this is of the utmost importance with an attorney.

He represented me in a very difficult child support case. My daughter is special needs and over the age of 18 and still requires care. Her father wanted to end the support order.

Mr. Guillama told me upfront this would be a hard case, but he did not shy away from it; quite the opposite, he fought hard, to ensure my daughter would receive the help she needs from her father.

I am grateful for all his hard work on my case and can happily say the order is still in effect. If you want a hard-working lawyer who will be there for you, Joe Guillama is you best choice!

Joe Gave Us Excellent Representation And Was Well Prepared!

Posted by Pete P., a child custody client

We hired Joseph A. Guillama for a sophisticated custody case. Only four cases in the state of Pennsylvania have been successful since the 1970s.

Joseph represented our case with knowledge of all these cases and brought them to the judge's attention. Joseph presented himself professionally and well prepared of all the facts in our case.

I believe we won our case quickly because of Joseph's hard work and presentation to the judge, and of course the judge was excellent in evaluating custody and the well-being of children.

I recommend Joseph A. Guillama for anyone in need of legal representation; you will get your money's worth, for sure!

Best Attorney Ever

Posted by Carisa, a child custody client

I hired Joe after leaving my second husband. My case was not the norm. It was incredibly ugly given that the second ex went to my first ex and formed an alliance. Between the two of them, they filed for custody of all three of my children. I wasn't only fighting for my daughter from the current marriage but for my two boys from the first marriage.

Joe was upfront with me from day one, he kept me informed and was incredibly dedicated to seeing my case through and bringing my boys home. I've been through numerous attorneys in the last 15 years and I have NEVER had the experience that I did with Attorney Guillama. He is hands-down the most dedicated attorney I've met; this isn't just a job for him, this is a passion, and he does what he feels is right.

This process for me took more than a year but in the end, after two days of trial, my boys are coming home. I'm actually writing this on the day of their homecoming, something I've prayed for heart and soul from day one.

Joe was there with me and with my family from the start. He was supportive and worked more diligently than I had expected. For weeks prior to trial, he spent every weekend working on my case, often on the phone with me working on preparing.

He is well respected by the judges and other attorneys; this is made obvious in the way that he communicates and interacts with each of them. He is articulate and straightforward and I truly believe that he invests personally in each of his clients.

It is my pleasure to write this review and I would recommend Joe in a heartbeat to anyone who is seeking representation!

Lucky To Get Joe

Posted by Sandra, a juvenile client

Joe represented my son in juvenile court and he was the best thing that could have happened to my son at that time. I could tell that Joe really cared about what happened to my son; he didn't just defend my son, he became a friend. I wish there were more lawyers like Joe. He really does have a heart.

Professional, Kind, Diligent And Knowledgeable!

Posted by "J," a divorce client

Joe was the best lawyer I could have hoped for during my recent divorce. He worked so hard to keep me informed of my rights and options in my case, particularly when I was emotionally drained and distraught.

With Joe's help, we were able to manage my aggressive ex. I was even able to avoid court entirely, and end up with exactly the settlement agreement I needed and the custody agreement I wanted.

Joe clearly is in this to help people! He went above and beyond to communicate clearly with both my ex and me to make sure everything went smoothly, with as little disruption to our lives as possible. I would recommend him to anyone for their divorce and custody needs.

Custody Complaint

Posted by Hector, a child custody client

I met with Attorney Guillama one time for a consultation and I immediately knew he was the attorney for me. I hired him on the spot. He believed in my case and did his job very well. He is very thorough with his information and presented the material well in court. He definitely knows how to represent a client.

Attorney Guillama guided me through the proceedings and always knew the next step to take. I followed his direction and not that it matters but, he got my daughter back into my arms in less than four months, which is rare. Nevertheless, he has done this for me.

I highly recommend Attorney Guillama's services.

Worth Every Penny

Posted by Scott, a child custody client

When my son was eight months old, I knew I had to try get him out of the bad situation he was in. Everyone told me I had no chance of getting primary custody and that I shouldn't even bother.

... Joe was assigned to my custody case. He was very upfront right from the start. He told me it was gonna be tough and take time, especially with a young child, but with my situation he told me I have a good shot and he would do his best.

He kept me fully informed at all times and explained everything so I knew what was going on. I wasn't kept in the dark. He was always prepared for every situation while we were in court. He never missed a step in court.

I have had primary custody and legal custody for over a year now and my son is doing great. Thanks for all the hard work, Joe.

Best Lawyer Ever!

Posted by Dina, a divorce client

Attorney Guillama has represented me in divorce and child welfare issues.

I felt he didn't treat me as a nameless client, but rather as a respected equal. He skillfully handled very personal and delicate matters. He always answered my questions honestly (even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear), and always respectfully and thoughtfully. He was very prompt at getting back to me when I had questions.

I can't emphasize enough how well he listens. He understood this very emotional time for me but was able to guide me in a professional yet "human" manner.

Entirely Selfless!

Posted by Elizabeth, a child custody client

My current husband and I returned from Iraq with startling news that my ex-husband would be taking primary physical custody of my son. My previous lawyer told me to just accept every other weekend and be happy with that.

I fired that lawyer and found Mr. Guillama. He immediately dove head-first into my case. He helped me as much as he possibly could. He was personable with us as clients and also took our case to heart! He was not with a firm at the time we hired him, but he was then hired on and was told to raise our hourly rate to the firm's. Mr. Guillama refused to do this because it was not fair to my husband and me!

After two long years of not being able to enjoy my son full-time, we finally were awarded primary physical custody. I cannot thank Mr. Guillama and his firm enough for their constant efforts, and all of the time they put forth toward our case!

Thanks again, Joe!

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